Outdoor Loyalty-Women and the Outdoor Running Experience…

Outdoor Loyalty Women and the Outdoor Running Experience… This Blog concentrates on women and Outdoor Running within the demographic 35 to 60 years of age participating in running, both personally and competitively, as an Outdoor Experience. This category constitutes the largest statistical group in the running world as a whole. An Outdoor Industries Association research study shows that 35% of female U.S. outdoor consumers participate in running/jogging events, which is one of the top traditional outdoor activities among women. Traditionally, Outdoor Retailers utilize generational demographics (i.e. Boomers, Millennials, GenX, etc.) for their target marketing. By taking in to consideration an age category encompassing multiple generations, like women runners age 35 to 60, creates a more realistic statistic to be used in loyalty/rewards programs targeting a very dynamic outdoor group. Outdoor running products for women are designed and manufactured specifically for this demographic. Women’s apparel, footwear and focused accessories constitute a significant percentage of the Outdoor Retailer’s inventory. If you click on the link below published by OIA (Outdoor Industries Association), you will get a broad viewpoint of how much this demographic has affected Outdoor Manufacturers. The focus lately has addressed issues women request in running products such as comfort, fit and performance. Women are “outdoor active” more than ever before. This trend will continue for some time. OutdoorLoyalty.com applauds women for their outdoor running accomplishments and we believe you should be rewarded for your successes, both personal and team goal attainments. https://outdoorindustry.org/article/anatomy-of-running-part-2-the-economy Remember our tagline: Reward…Outdoor…Activities http://www.outdoorloyalty.com Contact: jack@outdoorloyalty.com


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